Sol Campbell: Substance Obscured by Sensationalism

Sol Campbell’s claim in his new authorised biography that he could have been England captain for ten years had he been white, has been met with almost unanimous disapproval. Obviously, Campbell’s publishers will have been urging him to make controversial claims in order to draw much-needed attention to the book. It is perhaps doubtful that Campbell genuinely believes he could have been captain for an entire decade, but he is definitely resentful of not being given the role, especially when Michael Owen was selected ahead of him. There has also been outrage that Campbell dare allege that the FA is institutionally racist. But it is in this claim that Campbell may have a point. Continue reading


Daley reaction demonstrates how far we still have to go

This post was originally published on page 14 of the 9th December 2013 issue of Cardiff University’s student newspaper gair rhydd. It won the annual prize for Best Long Form Article at the Cardiff Student Media Awards 2014.

In an emotional YouTube video posted last Monday, Tom Daley told the world of his relationship with another man. “Brave” and “honest” have been the two words most used in headlines to describe this news, and Daley is certainly both of these. However, the mere fact that these two words are associated with someone “coming out” exposes the residual prejudices that remain within our society.

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Three reasons why the Winter Olympics is must-see TV

The build up to the current Winter Olympics in Sochi was justifiably dominated by coverage of the Putin regime’s scapegoating of the LGBT+ community. Putin’s policy is designed to strengthen his grip on power by solidifying his traditional base of domestic support in opposition to the more liberal elements within Russia. His tactics are not too dissimilar to those of Sir Alex Ferguson who, in many a title run-in would scapegoat referees, the media or the public at large in order to strengthen the resolve of his dressing room in opposition to an imagined threat from outside (note the Ferguson-Putin comparisons end there!). Continue reading

It’s far too early to dispense with Kevin Pietersen

According to the BBC, the England management team has decided that the batsman will “not be in the plans for those trips (to the West Indies for an ODI tour and Bangladesh for the World Twenty20) or beyond”. It is not the fact that he is not being considered for the upcoming tours that baffles the mind, it’s the “or beyond” part. After all anyone that had the stomach to watch the Ashes series this winter will tell you that the sight of Pietersen’s over aggressive style of play at points when conservatism was needed would have you wincing whilst you were trying not to fall asleep on the sofa.  But to rule out England’s 4th highest test run scorer for the rest of his career is ludicrous.

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