A Weak Defence? A Dilemma for a Fight Fan

The iconic images of Mohammed Ali standing over a knocked down Sonny Liston, Mike Tyson biting Evander Holyfield’s ear and 45 year old George Foreman knocking out Michael Moorer have afforded Boxing a place in western popular culture. Films like the Rocky series, Raging Bull and The Fighter have cemented its association with romantic tales of underdogs, champions and sacrifices made to reach the top of the sport.  It’s these stories that allow boxing to appeal to a wider audience, and are crucial to its allure and financial success. Hearing Michael Buffer announce the combatants before unleashing his famous catchphrase builds tension and anticipation like no other sport can. It’s almost enough for someone who has grown up as a fan of the sport to forget that the aim of the competitor is to punch the opponent in the head or body in order to render them unconscious. The harder the opponent is knocked down, the higher the esteem the fighter is held in. Continue reading